Chai vs Coffee? Who wins

It is really impossible for some people to start the day without a cup of tea or coffee? The winter mornings are even lazier without a hot piping cup of tea? More than 70% of the Indian population, craves tea first thing in the morning to kick start their day. It is the driving agent for them every morning to run through the day. Chai is a popular beverage craved in all seasons but more in winter and rainy seasons.

If you are in Pune, a cold or rainy day calls for a hot special Tea called Amruttulya at Ahmednagar. If you have not had the Amruttulya tea at the tea store in Ahmednagar then you have really missed the real taste of Amruttulya tea and its magic to refresh your body and soul. In fact, the coffee addicts too admit that the Chai spot Amruttulya tea is really addictive.

The biggest battle which hinders is between Chai and coffee? So which one is better? Tea clearly gains a slight edge over the coffee in India. So what makes the popular beverage, tea the top favourite among the population and even some coffee lovers turn to tea at times. In fact, tea brings numerous benefits too which a cup of coffee may not necessarily get you. These 5 reasons will get you to switch to tea from coffee.

Tea has much lesser caffeine content
Both tea and coffee have caffeine, but tea especially the masala tea, Amruttulya has less caffeine than coffee. You can complete your caffeine addiction with a cup of tea and get rid of those coffee overdose side effects too.

The chai has healing properties
The Amruttulya tea with all the spices is high in anti-oxidants which can treat many issues for your health too. In fact, it has shown to I increase sex drive and treat the libido issues in men and women both.

Chai is a stress reliever
Coffee can be quite energizing but the excess caffeine releases cortisol levels and this leads to high-stress level too. The Amruttuluya tea with the blend of the natural spices in the tea calms your mind and gives you internal peace without the caffeine overdose side effects.

IOmmunty booster
The spices blended in the Indian Amruttulya tea props up the immune system. it aids in better digestion and helps to improve the circulation of your body. It also helps to fight the respiratory infections of the body.

Fat busting properties
Some amount of spices used in the Indian Chai truly helps to improve the metabolic rate which in turn aids in faster loss of fat from your body and aids weight loss.

As far as the popularity goes, the Indian chai is more popular than coffee for centuries. In fact, if you are in Ahmednagar, there are plenty of tea stores in Ahmednagar which do serve coffee but their specialty is the Chai. So clearly Chai is the king of the Western part of India at least.

If you are looking for the best tea stores in Ahmednagar, do visit Chai spot and refresh your soul with the classic Amruttulya tea.

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